Our Mission Base/House

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Our Mission Base.

This is the Mission Base we live on and some of the missionaries and Indians that have stayed with us.  The house has been used as a mission base for 40 years.

The original owners planted a church here in Manaus.  The current owners translated the bible in an indigenous language and held conferences here.  We have been using it for housing Short Term Missionaries, Long Term Missionaries in town for supplies/documentations, conferences with the Indians, etc. and as a base camp for the various ministries in this region.

The Base consists of 2 houses, a large multi-use area, a large backyard, a large veranda, a secondary multi-use area for BBQ’s/parties.  The Main house has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Laundry area.  The Guest house has 1 large bedroom, one large Living Room/Kitchen/Dining Room and a bathroom.  Upstairs in the Guest house has another large room used for housing Short Term Groups and it has a bathroom.

The current owners will sell us the base for much less than what it is worth because it will stay in the Missionary family and continue to be used as a Mission Base for ministry in the Jungle.

We have been given an awesome opportunity, and we would have already gone to the bank and taken a home loan out, except things don’t work like that here for us, since we are foreigners.

The base has been such a huge blessing from the Lord and has met the ministry needs God has placed us in.  The Base is in a great location and within walking distance of our Brazilian home church.

Since the beginning of the year, God has begun to bring many people our way to stay in the guest house.  They are all missionaries or Indigenous people.  These missionaries have needed short term housing while conducting business in the city of Manaus.  They included Long Term Missionaries passing through, Short term missionary families who are helping with our ministry, Indians in town for business and Conferences, and we even used it as a rehab unit for a visiting Pastor from the U.K. who broke his hip while here ministering.

We praise the Lord for these opportunities to support and fellowship with the body of Christ in this manner and look expectantly toward our future as many more people have plans to come along side us here and do God’s work in the Amazon region!

We have a Mission Base Fund.  Please consider donating to this fund and secure the Base for future mission work in Manaus.  Your donations have been very generous thus far and we currently have just over 50% of what is needed to insure this Base will continue to be used for the Lord’s glory.



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