Wordless Ministries with Pr Joel Johnson

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Update:  August 2017

We house and facilitate various groups, pastors and visiting missionaries who are passing through Manaus.

Pr Joel Johnson with Wordless Ministries is one of those, whom we have built a relationship with over the last 3 years, and helped him with 7 of his evangelical groups.

He had another group here in July and we had this privilege once again.

Pr Joel group arrived on Monday the 13th of July and we picked them up at the airport, organized the team members from Manaus, and went with them on a rented tour bus out of town to meet up with the ministry boat they had rented for the week 3 hrs out of town along the Amazon river.

We ministered in and around a small community called Amatari with 4 different churches and 7 communities.  We did door to door evangelism, children’s outreaches, group open air preaching, personal one on one evangelism in some very drug infested and criminally active communities.

Many people came to Christ during the course of the week, and the group of youth which made of the team, grew tremendously in their own walks with the Lord, empowering them to return to their own cities, where most of them were leaders in their own congregations and ministries.

One story as an example to my words above.  We arrived in Sao Pedro, a small river community and immediately split up into groups of 4 and canvased the area for an hour.  The first place my group stopped was with two young men who had been getting high together.  We shared the gospel with them and one wanted to repent, but the other, which had a gun in his pants, convinced him not to.  Then we went on up the hill.  On the next block, we came upon one of our own groups who had started evangelizing a group of 12 or so adolescents.  The youth were making a lot of noise and not paying attention.  Then, an older youth from the shadows appeared with a pistol in hand and threatened them to pay attention to us or he would come kill some of them.  They all immediately got quiet and showed a lot of respect.  5 of that group repented and received Christ as their Savior.  We have a photo in the slideshow of them.

There were many other stories, but too many to share here of how mightily God moved in the mists of the group to reach the people of the various communities.

Wordless Ministries is a much needed ministry here in the Amazon Jungle and we hope to facilitate more of his teams.  We have scheduled one from them already next July 2018.

Enjoy the pictures.  If you have a group or your church would like to come down and do ministry, contact us and we will set things up.

In Christ,

Brad and Melissa


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