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Valdeci answered the call of God 3 years ago and turned from a life of drinking.  He started with, in his words, “A commitment with God to do whatever was needed”.  This entailed working around the church, cutting the grass with a machete, fixing the leaky roof, knocking down the continual termite trails, and always being there early to start church services.

He was ordained 1 1/2 years ago as a deacon and he continued to do this work without any help from others.  I lifted him up to a teaching position in the church and saw his passion for the lost, his passion to have the others experience Jesus like he had.

Last year, while praying, he felt called to head up the preaching in Aldeia Nova.  We had been holding bible studies there for about 6 months when the chief asked if we would hold church services.  We did this, but only while I was there the 3 weeks out of every 2 months.

In October 2017 he stepped into the roll of “dirigente” which means the one who leads and guides the church services.  He has faithfully maintained these services for a year.

Please pray for him as he has fallen sick.  He has been in the hospital or at the “Indian House” for treatment for 6 weeks.  (As of July 2019)