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Raimunda has been a quiet behind the scenes worker since the beginning of our ministry.  Little did we know that she was struggling with the Calling of God and her own physical desires in relation to doing more for the Lord.

We started seeing her get quite a bit more active in 2016 when we started the School of Ministry.  She is one of the regulars there now.  She also runs the Kid’s Clubs and all youth discipleship in three different villages.

In March 2020, we officially started supporting her monthly so that she could continue to make the weekly trips to Villages farther away.  Through her ministry we have seen two new villages come to the forefront of our vision, Lazaru and Makauoa.  Raimunda started going to both of these Villages to disciple 1 person and consequently, most of the residents in each place have come to know Christ as their Savior.

Please help us support her.  Make your tax-free donation today by clicking Support Raimunda and help us reach the unreached people of the Amazon Rain Forest through her.  Please let us know you did this so that we can get that support to her.

God bless you,

Brad and Melissa