Oscar and Analucia

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Oscar was our first disciple.  We started working with him 7 years ago with the intention of him becoming a church leader.  He has grown in the Lord more than the others as he daily reads his Apurina Bible.  He ran the church in Vila Nova for 2 years and helped Valdeci preach in the church plant in Aldeia Nova in it’s early stages.

Analucia has been a strong woman of God since we met her.  She was leading the women’s studies in Vila Nova since 2014.

Oscar and Analucia have 5 children; Josue, Ocimar, Risomar, Ordival and Railani.  The three youngest are pictured above.

They are the first missionaries from the Church in Vila Nova.  They have now left for Sao Sebastiao, 10 hrs by canoe further up river.  They were anointed with oil, and the whole church laid hands on them in May of 2019.

They are fulfilling the call of God in Sao Sebastiao!  They have now started Church services there, 4 weekly along with 2 School of Ministry classes , Women’s Studies and Kid’s club.

One of the things that truly shows the power of God in their lives is in their commitment to the Gospel.  Anywhere they go, they preach the truth and make disciples.  Analucia teaches women and Oscar leads services.  They truly are filled with the Holy Spirit.

By your support, they receive $200 USD a month, which provides their canoe and motor and all of their resources.  If you would like to bless them with a special offering, please click Support Now and let us know so that we can appropriate your support to them.

Oscar’s Update Feb 2021

God bless you and don’t forget to pray.