Jardim Tropical

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The ministry here is continually evolving, producing more fruit everyday.  God is doing much more than we ever imagined 5 years ago, when we first entered, and with fear, started knocking on doors.

We have partnered with Artur and Marinete.  They live in Jardim Tropical and have a real calling and heart to minister the Word of Truth to the people.  They minister through preaching, teaching, and practical living.  They are doing a great job, and we are excited for what God has planned for this community through them.

Artur is the man in one of the pictures with the red hammock and green shirt and holds 4 services a week there.

Last year, he had a faithful 7 attending services, but now 70+.  This is not just because of his good teaching, but because of our leadership/discipleship classes and your support which has allowed us to build the new Church building.

We have opened a new support page for them through GoFundMe.com specifically for them. Click here:  https://www.gofundme.com/jardim-tropical-support

Melissa’s side of the ministry has grown over the last couple of months on account of both the women’s discipleship she is doing and her experience as a Registered Nurse.  Using the drugs and supplies which were donated to us in June from a large U.S. Medical Team we helped with, Melissa has been taking people to the hospitals and then filling their prescriptions the doctors are giving.  The discipleship class augments her influence in the society and the hospital/medicine runs augments her classes with women.

Our Saturday morning Leadership Studies were placed on hold in the middle of July and throughout August as we are/will be travelling.  But we are anxiously chomping at the bit to return in September.  Each Saturday I lead an Inductive Bible Study class in our mission base  to Artur, Leandro, and others.  Melissa is now leading a group of 4 women through a discipleship book too.  They take the things they learn in the classes back to the Jardim Tropical community and leading Bible Studies and evening services. They also started a kid’s program during evening services and a kid’s club on Saturday, along with a youth group bible study and now a midweek cel group study which is more personable.

All of these things are a direct result of what we are doing there through your support and the fruit thereof will return to us and you in blessings not only in heaven, but we believe here on the earth too!

Enjoy the photos.  If you feel led to help with this ministry, please contact us or see the “Support This Ministry” page.  If you would like to visit us or form a small group of Christians for a short term Evangelic Mission Trip, please contact us and make a difference today.

In Christ,
Brad and Melissa Miller

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