Apurina People

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—UPDATE— August 2017

Melissa and I, along with Josiah, Veronica and Benjamin just returned from a short 10 day trip to the Village.

It was Phenomenal!

We held nightly church services, which follow our morning bible study classes where I use their notes to teach from, showing them in the mornings how to not only take notes, organize them into outlines, but then at night, showing them how to teach or preach a 3 point sermon with a final challenge.  We have found that this method is producing results, teaching them “how to fish” verses the common method of just “giving them a fish” of pre-made notes from which they can use to preach from.

We also visiting the other 3 villages in the area.  One of these villages, Aldeia Nova, had a tragedy happen.  The Chief’s 12 year old daughter was bit by a snake and she died.  He asked if we could return and do a service and sing some songs.

The next day, we returned with a group from our village and held a church service, Wednesday morning at 9:00 am.  Afterwards, at 11:30, they asked if we could return and bring the Word of God to them.  God willing, we will start doing Tuesday services on our future trips.  Pray, we hope that this starts something that Oscar and Valdicis can be doing while we are in the city.

After our Sunday morning service, we had our first Baptism.  That is, the first one since we have been ministering there.  We Baptised four people. There has been some false teaching by other people which has muddled their understanding of Baptism, and we have been working at correcting it.  It is good to have things smoothing out.

On this 10 day trip, we had 9 church services, 2 house studies, 1 children’s service, 1 women’s service, and 2 evangelic trips to the 3 nearby villages.  The church services averaged 65 people, and our morning classes had 7 at each.  The service in the new village had almost the entire village there, 28 in attendance.  This new village is a huge blessing as just a few years ago the chief was opposed to the Gospel.

Melissa led the children’s and the women’s service on this trip.  She also ministered worm medicine to every place we went, which was medicines donated to us from that Medical Outreach we helped with in June.

Our next trip will be October 2nd – November 3rd.

God Bless you all,
Brad and Melissa and Family



We are working closely with the leadership to bring them into a deeper walk with the Lord through Personal Bible Devotions, Leadership Unity, and by teaching how to Pastor the flock of God.

We have three goals:

1) Leadership Training
2) Teach the Bible
3) Evangelism of the other Villages

We always pass by all the houses and families of the village, sharing our lives as they share their’s with us, encouraging, consoling, and continuing to build relationships.

Please pray for the Apurina people!  There is an ongoing spiritual battle in their village right now.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

There is always a real danger of Malaria, Yellow Fever, snake bites, and other things.

—Background on this Ministry—

We minister to and with the Apurina people.  We are following the work of two Wycliff missionaries, Judy and Cathy.  They were ministering to the Apurina for 37 years.

This tribe is about 2 days travel by boat from Manaus.

Our goals are to continue to augment the lives of the believers in the Tribe while seeking the opportunity for the furtherance of the Gospel to those unreached in the neighboring villages, which are currently opening up through our evangelical boat trips.  We are doing this by systematically teaching Through the Bible, teaching Old Testament history coupled with New Testament revelation and applying both to the lives of the people.

We are so grateful for the work of Judy and Cathy, who learned the heart language of the people, made an alphabet, and created teaching material for future missionaries, such as us!

Currently the Tribe does not have the whole Bible translated in their language.  They have the total New Testament, the books of Genesis and Exodus, and part of the book of Psalms.  As our relationship grows, and we learn the Apurina language, we will continue the translation of the Old Testament scriptures that Judy and Cathy started.  In the meantime, we teach in Portuguese from the Apurina scriptures and have one of the leaders translate that into Apurina.

Please pray about joining us in this large work, which is the main focus of our ministry here in the Amazon Jungle.

Please pray for these people as the spiritual warfare is intense, unlike anything we have experienced in the U.S.  The leaders who would like to have prayer are Makoaa, Domiguinho, Doval, Patricio, Pedro, Oscar, Analucia, Valdicis, Raimunda and Chico.


4 thoughts on “Apurina People

  1. Dear Miller Family,
    So glad to receive your update. You are doing an amazing work there against great odds. May God continue to give you amazing strength and protection from the enemy of our souls. We have authority over this enemy so we are equipped to deal with him. Thank you for your faithfulness to share our Jesus in such a powerful way to the lost. With much love in Him, Jolan Chastney( Calvary South County Mark Barrett Your prayer requests will be given special attention at our service tomorrow.

      • So good to receive your wonderful update from the Amazon. I will continue to pray for the light of our Gospel to dispel the darkness of your area. Also for the protection of our brothers in the Apurina area. They will be equipped with the authority they over the darkness. The light of our Jesus will overcome this darkness in His time. We will welcome Melissa and be so happy to hear more of the work there. Much love in the Beautiful Savior. Jolan

  2. We love your entire family and your heart for the Lord… Thank you for sharing the videos as well as the great report. When I look over at the prayer team on Sundays praying for you, and then I see the results of your ministry, my heart is so thankful to see all the Lord has done through the years !

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