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Our ministry is amongst the Apurina people in a small region accessible by a 44 hr boat ride.

1) The Apurina people:  We continue the teaching and preaching of the word of God, fulfilling the great command of Jesus in Matthew 28:19 to go and make disciples.  The fruit is evident as we are now sending out those who have been trained, and they are entering new villages, bringing line by line teaching from the scriptures.

2) Oscar and Analucia:  They are our first missionaries.  They moved to Sao Sebastiao in March of 2019, an Apurina village 4 hrs up river from the primary village.  They are doing the same thing as we do, which was also taught by Jesus to His disciples, expound and teach the depths of the Word of God, making other disciples to do the same.

3) Valdici:  He is actually the first who was called by God to go out.  He answered the call to preach and teach church services in a village close to his home back in early 2018.  He also leads a team to 3 other villages on a monthly bases.  When we are here in the city, he continues to lead the primary church in Vila Nova.

4) Raimunda:  She is our current Kid’s Club leader.  She also makes the trips to the other villages with Valdeci to make disciples of the ladies and youth.  Through her ministry, we are seeing a large surge in solid new believers.



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