Brazil Update November 2017

Eze 37:5 Thus saith the Lord GOD unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live


Greetings in Christ,
Brazil Update November 2017,

And I arrived at 1:30 am, middle of the Amazon Jungle, in our ministry boat, pitch black, tree stumps sticking up out of the creek, crocodile eyes all around me, and I knew, if not for the Lord sending, how would they ever hear?

That’s how it is here, when we visit the Indians during dry season.  We always arrive at the entrance to the reservation in the middle of the night.  The problems are many, as listed above, plus mosquitos, piranha, and another 20 miles to go, navigating this little crocodile infested creek.

With certainty, it is much easier to arrive during the rainy season, but ministry can not stop just because the rain did.

We are pleased to report that the people are doing excellent!  The church is going strong.  Their desires to evangelize other villages and people are increasing.  As we reported in the last update, we have now started a new church in a neighboring village.  It is about 30 minutes by canoe from where our jungle house is.

The people there accepted the Word of God in July, and a few have now repented and received Jesus as their Savior, including Chief Evandro and some of his family.

We have also been invited to another village, about 2 hrs away, to bring the Word there.  I was asked by a young Christian man who was visiting our village.  His name is Isaias.  He says that he has a small group of men who meet with him in his hut and study the word.  He has not been Baptized yet, but would like us to come.  I asked him if there was any other missionaries or Pastors visiting them, and he said no.  So, on our next visit in Dec-Jan, we will head down there and see what God wants to do.

Click here to read more and see photos and videos from the trip:

Please pray for the people with us.  Oscar and Analucia, Domiginho and Sandra, Makao and Cosma, Pedro and Eliete, Guerlermi and Elsimara.

Melissa is organizing a big medical outreach in the city for the last Saturday of January.  She is working with our local church and plans to hold the outreach at a sister church in a poor area of town.  We plan to have Evangelists, Doctors, Dentists, and others, with a pharmacy.

Please pray for this outreach.  We hope to see 200 people show up, mostly mothers and children.

Sometimes, we have set-backs in ministry.  We don’t like to talk about these, but I feel it is important.

The work in Jardim Tropical went in an unfortunate direction in early August.  When Melissa and I went to Fortaleza (a coastal City), the second week of August, the leadership in the church of Jardim Tropical decided to change the form of ministry they had and they named the Church,  Pentecostal Church of the Living Lamb.  They started focusing on healing ministry and prosperity teaching.  It is amazing how much can change in one week.

Immediately the church split in half and they lost 45 people.  In the last two months, the leadership have crumbled, most having left.  Those who were leaving were coming to me complaining.  If you remember, upon returning from the U.S. in May 2016, we started working closely with Artur and Merinete as he was preaching the Word to a faithful 7, two nights a week.  The congregation quickly grew to 20, we started leadership/discipleship classes in our house for the leadership they would need, and by December, we started raising money to build a Church for them, so they would not have to stand in the mud. We opened the church in July 2017 with 120 people in attendance, and it continued to have 70-100 each week.  Returning to now, they are in shambles.

I talked with Artur, the Pastor, the man we have been supporting and working with for the last 2 years, and we decided it was better if Melissa and I did not come around for a while.  We did not want to divide the people into those who follow Brad and those who follow Artur.  We are still working with Leandro and Roberta though, whom we have weekly contact with here at the mission base.

We hope to have reconciliation there soon, and for Artur to either return to sound biblical doctrine and teaching or turn the work over to us. We appreciate your prayers in this matter.

If you want to see what that work was about, visit our website page here:

As always pray for the people we minister to, pray for our family, and pray about coming to visit us.

God bless you all,
Thank you for your prayers,

Brad and Melissa, Josiah, Veronica and Benjamin.


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