Brazil Update June 2016

Greetings in Christ,

Melissa, I and our family have returned to Brazil!

What a change, some we were anticipating and others we were not.  If you have seen our Facebook posts, you remember what these were.  What is important is that we are back in the ministry field and are chomping at the bit to continue the ministries which we have started in the last 5 years.

We have been in Manaus for 3 weeks now.  For most of that we were setting up the mission base again, cleaning, arranging, and trying to start a routine of home schooling.  We also all battled the flu which lasted for most about 3-4 days.  Please pray for the health of our family, both physical and spiritual, and emotional.

We returned to Jardim Tropical and reconnected with the people there.  It is great to see the people we were encouraging before who are now preaching on a weekly basis.  Please pray for Artur (Arthur) and his family as he steps into this role and for us as we will continue to pour into him and those who are helping him. Artur’s testimony is that since he started preaching in January 2016, one of the 4 local drug dealers repented and became a Christian, 2 died of drug dealing related deaths, and the last one left.  Artur says that the whole community is safer and happier since January and that they are preaching and teaching Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Praise the LORD for this good news!

We also returned to ITV which is located at Colonia Antonio Alexio.  We went door to door talking with the adults whom we have built relationships with, and hugged all of the children who were missing us.  It was a sweet time of entering the area again.

On Tuesday, the 14th of June, Brad and Doug(A new missionary in the area), will go into the village and reconnect with the people and the church there.  This trip will be for 10 days.  We do not know what we will encounter as we have been completely out of communication with them since we went to the U.S. in August of last year.  Please pray for Makao, Domiginho, Pedro, and Oscar and their families.  Pray for our health also, as this is Malaria season there.

When I, Brad, get back from the village, I will update with pictures again.

God bless you all,

Thank you for your prayers,

Brad and Melissa, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica, and Benjamin