Brazil Update March 2014

Greetings in Christ,
I hope and pray that all is well with each of you as we wait for the glorious appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We have not written an update in about 5 months, but that does not mean that nothing has happened.  God continues to bless our family and we trust yours too.
Since October 2013, we have been very busy.  And in the middle of all the work, there have been trials.
November 1st, our car broke down and was in the shop for 4 months.  This has kept us from visiting and preaching at the various churches in the area.  We spent much money and time waiting for parts to come from the U.S. to fix it, and there was always another part to buy.  The car was returned to us 1 month ago, and it continues to run with about half the power it should have.  Unfortunately this has caused a break in our relationship with the mechanic, and we ask that you would pray for him and the situation.
Also, we had Domingos and his family in our guest house for 3 of those months trying to recover from a difficult respiratory/stomach problem.  In the end, they all returned to the village with Domingos slightly better, but no real resolution.
ITV has had many spiritual struggles over the last 6 months.  This has made an already difficult situation more trying.  But we continue to minister there, looking forward and upward, knowing that the works that God has started, He will faithfully complete.  In the near future, Melissa and myself plan to start visiting households in the ITV area, sharing the love of Christ while building relationships with the parents of the children we minister to.
We are not promised a life without problems, in fact it is the opposite, but we are promised that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us.  For us who trust in Him, we know how great this promise is, and we never lose hope or our focus as we know that if He is here with us, who can be against us?
As many of you recall, we were hoping to buy the mission base we live on.  But, after close to 2 years, we decided to start looking for another place because we could not raise the total resources necessary to buy the base outright.  Then in December the base was offered to us for the money we currently had, in faith that God would supply the remaining balance this year.  This is one great blessing of God, and we are so grateful for His care and grace in this matter.
In January, Marissa Beindorf arrived.  She will stay with us until mid-July.  She is a missionary for Christ For The City International, located in Omaha, Ne.  She is a wonderful young lady, filled with the joy of the Lord, and out on her first experience away from home, at the call of God.  Immediately upon arriving, we took her into the jungle on a 6 day boat ministry trip.  When we arrived back home, we left again for a 10 day jungle trip to the interior with her.  And now, she is starting to settle into a steady routine of working at the local orphanage 2 days a week, and at ITV, Institute For Transforming Lives, for 3 days a week.  She also continues to help us as we minister to children on the weekends.
Our little one, Benjamin, has been coughing for about 6 weeks now.  All of February and part of March.  Veronica, Andrea, and Melissa caught this virus also.  After much ado, antibiotics, medicines, and rest, we have found that inhalations help the most, and they are all starting to be better.  Jungle sicknesses wipe a person out, and we have had our share of cranky tired people the last 2 months.
I am also sending out a “mailchimp” newsletter update.  It has photos and links to places that show what we are doing and what the progress has been in the village, in ITV, and in Manaus.  If you do not receive it, look in your spam folder or email me and ask for.   In the meantime, here is a list of links to the photos.
As I said above, Andrea, Josiah, Marissa, and myself went on a 6 day trip in January.  We held both medical clinics and children’s outreaches at 5 different locations.  We saw to the needs of over 500 people in the medical clinics and saw 100 people receive Christ as their Savior.
In February, the whole family, Melissa, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica, Benjamin, myself and Marissa went to the Apurina village.  We ministered to the people in the church, in our house, and in the community.  Many people are sick in the village right now.  Please pray for them.
In February and March, I Brad, have both preached and shared about our ministry in two different churches.
Yesterday, we went shopping for a new car.  We would like to thank you all for allowing these types of things to happen.  It is through your prayers and financial support the ministry here keeps going, at the will and calling of God.  We should have a new vehicle within a few days.
Onto the future.  Please pray with us as we look into the next few months and we wonder where we will find the time and the energy to complete all that the Lord has placed before us.
1) Marissa’s mother will visit us the first week of April.
2) I will return to the village the 2nd week of April.
3) Judy King may arrive the 4th week of April to transfer the house into our name, and we would return to the village for a week.
4) In May we start community outreaches in preparation for the World Cup.  We will have outreaches in a different community every week.
5) The last 2 weeks of May Melissa and I may return to the village and have a celebration for the anniversary of the people receiving the New Testament in their own language.
6) In June, the World Cup will be just down the street from us.  We will be doing street evangelism.  I will also help with a group from the U.S. the last week of June and first week of July.
7) We have a group of 14 arriving with CFCI in July.  We will do followup ministry in the communities we ministered to in May.
8) The last week of July and first 2 weeks of August, I will help translations with another group from the U.S.
9) I will return to the Village the 3rd week in August.
In the meantime, and throughout all of these things, I am teaching through the Bible and am constantly preparing messages for the Apurina people and various churches in town.
I closing….Our language abilities have greatly increased in the last 4 months.  Melissa and I can communicate about most things now and we are understanding most conversations at full speed.
Junior is still in Kansas studying at the Community College there.  Continue to pray for him as he is becoming the man God has called him to be.
May God bless each of you,
Brad and Melissa Miller, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica, and Benjamin.  And Junior in the U.S.
Proverbs 19:17 He that hath pity upon the poor lends unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.
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Banco Do Brasil
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