Brazil Update June 2014

Latest Update

Greetings in Christ,
June has arrived and with it, the WORLD CUP!  23,000 Americans in Manaus plus every other nationality too!
If you can imagine the manic, even hectic traffic conditions, then you can also imagine our schedules right now……busy!
We have been very busy for 2 months now, hosting missionaries, teaching the word of God, preaching, and evangelizing everywhere, and we do not see a slow down until mid September.  Please continue to pray that as we find the time to complete all that is before us, that we do not forget or leave the place where we find our rest, and where we get recharged and fueled, in Jesus Christ.
I have made two trips into the Indian tribe since our last update.  There have been many sicknesses in our family also.  During this time, we have been preparing the Apartment for the groups which are now arriving for the summer.
So, where do we start?  How about the Apartment.  We divided the upstairs to the apartment into 2 large rooms with air-conditioning.  There is a long corridor also.  We built the walls and ran all the electricity, found bunkbeds, and hung the doors.  It is finished.  The first team arrives tomorrow.  😀
The first team is 13 people from the Northeast US being led by Pr Joel Johnson of Wordless Ministries.  We are happy to host them and to take part in their trip as we head down the Amazon River to Evangelize and Encourage the body of Christ along the Rio Madeira.  Andrea and I will help with organizing and with translations.
The second team is scheduled to arrive July 15.  They are with Christ for the City International and are from Maryland.  We are hosting them and organizing all outreaches, which will include a small children’s medical clinic at 4 separate locations.  The group is made up of 14 people, 10 of which are high school boys who will play soccer with the various communities as we evangelize.
The third team is with Wordless Ministries again and will arrive July 24th.  We will not host this team as they overlap the 2nd team, but have been helping organize the people who will help from the Brazil side of things.  Andrea will also go on this trip to help with Translations.  They will go return to an Indian reserve that we did a medical outreach in last January.  We have a Dentist to donate his time and abilities also, and thus will meet up with the team at the reserve.
After these three teams leave, we immediately head back into the Indian Village we minister in.  The whole family will go, arriving there August 14th.  Melissa and the kids will stay for one week and return, while I stay on for 2-3 weeks more.  When I return, I will bring back a young Apurina family to stay with us for a few weeks to disciple one on one.
So…..busy enough yet?  These things will continue until about late September.
Now, let’s talk about what has happened the last three months.
The family has battled several sicknesses which are flu like but last a lot longer than we are accustomed to in the U.S.  But, it has not slowed Melissa and myself down much as Andrea has been able to watch the little ones while we go out to minister during the days.
2 months ago, Melissa and I started the door to door visiting of houses on Friday mornings in Colonia Antonio Aleixo, which is where ITV is located.  Melissa had started a mother’s with babies Bible study about a month before this in ITV on Saturdays.  We are getting to know the neighborhood which has very tough living conditions.  Most do not have running water, the trash piles up 5 feet high in the street, and gangs and prostitution are prevalent for the children from 13-16 yrs old.
These visitings has led to the start of a men’s Bible study at 9am on Friday mornings at one of the houses.  I currently have 2 men in attendance with a Pastor from the area coming about every other week to learn also.  It is an interesting group, but all have one thing in common.  Although they have all attended their respective churches for most of their lives, they had never heard the Bible taught line by line, verse upon verse and thus are growing immensely.  Here is the interesting thing which makes the study unique.  The Pastor is a Baptist and the men go to different churches, one a Pentecostal and the other Assembly of God.  This is an amazing work of God for normally these three churches do not get along on account of doctrine.  Please continue to pray for this study.
Melissa’s Bible study is a huge blessing for the young women also.  One of the mothers is 15 years old and cannot read.  She looks like an adult already, betraying her youth.  Melissa is teaching in the same book as I, the Gospel of John.  She consistently has two women and it fluctuates up to 5.
Our work at ITV has changed a little as the spiritual battles for this ground rage on.  Some of the volunteers have given up because of the harsh conditions, which puts more pressure on us, but we press on, ever looking forward to that upward calling and reward found in Christ Jesus our Lord.  I have taken over the English class that Melissa was teaching, because of the lack of other help which was needed for her to go to this community without me.  The children are becoming more and more respectful and obedient as we teach weekly and stick to our routines, but the influx of new children coming and going slows this process down as the new ones want to talk, run around the room, and fight continually.
All in all, when I am not in the Indian Village, we are ministering at ITV 3 days a week and I continue to preach at various churches in Manaus 1-2 times a month.
We are starting to talk about a family furlough to the United States in late May or early June next year.  This will depend on resources of course.  We will stay in the U.S. for 6-9 months as we get Andrea placed into a college.  We would also come around to the various churches giving updates of the ministry down here.
We are in the process of buying the mission base we live on.  We have paid everything we have, which was the $50,000 which was raised last year through your generous donations, but we are still short by $50,000.  Please consider this as you decided where to donate your offerings for the coming year.  This money does not just go into the hands of a worldly person, but into the hands of the prior missionaries who gave their lives to translate the Bible into the Apurina language and is actually their money to live on now that they have returned to their prospective homes.  They are each in their 70′s and love the Lord!
God bless each of you as you read this update.  We are with you in spirit.  As always, email us or call us anytime.
In Christ,
Brad and Melissa Miller, Junior, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica, and Benjamin
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