May 2012 Update

Greetings in Christ!
Oh, Lord, everybody’s home; eating, drinking, breathing of the Lord. Oh, Rejoice! The family’s all together! Oh, Lord, everybody’s home.
Jr is back from the US and we are back from Porto Velho!  Here is a map of Porto Velho.
It is located in the State just south of the State Amazonas, called Rondonia.  Notice Manaus is north/northeast.  Although it looks like there are roads, the only viable way to travel between Manaus and Porto Velho is boat or airplane.  This is because the roads are normally eroded from flooding.
Jr had a great time and was blessed of the Lord in all his travels.  He did many things; Spoke at Churches, Visited with friends, Surfed the waves, and even found a beautiful girl to go to prom with?!?!?  What a life, to be 17 and traveling the world.  His flights took him through Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Manaus.  One of his highlights was going camping with his friends Adam and Ricky.  We have many photos, and some will be posted on our website,
In Porto Velho, we visited a missionary couple who minister to the Deni Indian Tribe.  They are in the process of translating the Bible into the Deni language.  They have a mission base 9 Km south of town, bordering dense jungle. While there, we helped with the building of an infirmary/medical clinic for sick Indians.  The Boleys have been missionaries for close to 40 years in this region.  They need help with this work.  Please join us in prayer for them and their work.Upon our return, we had several medical emergencies arise.  Benjamin and Josiah both had bad ear infections and they each got deep muscle shots, much to their dismay.  The doctor pulled out the needle, filled it and waved it around in front of Josiah.  He was screaming before the needle ever got close to him.  Benjamin, not knowing these things, waited until a few seconds after the injection, and then let out a wail.  Hopefully they will be healed and have no need to return.  Then our neighbor, Gustavo, who is 10, came over.  While we were gone, he was bit by something, perhaps a spider.  Untreated, as most things are here, he now has a pit about 3/32″ deep and 5/16″ wide.  Melissa doctored him up quickly and we will keep an eye on it.  Melissa always has opportunity to use her many skills here in Manaus!
Our friends Judy and Cathy are leaving this area and will take up ministry in the US and Scotland, speaking at Churches and gatherings about their 37 years working with the Indian Tribe Apurina; raising awareness and stirring the hearts of people for reaching the lost in the Amazon.  They, through the power of God, reached this Tribe for Christ, translated all of the New Testament and some of the Old into the Tribe’s heart language, and built a Church.They have had trouble selling their house because of it’s size, which is more like a mission base.  It has the main house, and a guest house.  The guest house can hold up to 25 people in hammocks or 15-20 in beds, plus it has a kitchen, living room, etc.  This property has a large area used for conferences with the Indians who come into town.  They would like to see us buy it, at a reduced price, and thus it would stay in the “family” that is the “missions family”.  In the meantime, we will move into this house after they leave.  They have asked us to care for it and use it for ministry until it sells.  Pray for this great opportunity to minister to the Indians as they come into town for various reasons!Things are moving very fast right now for us, and I do not have the space in this email to explain everything, but in the next month, we need to move, get driver’s licenses, visit the Federal building for permanent documentation, and I (Brad) am taking a trip into Guyana, the country north of Brazil to visit a mission project.

Thank you to everyone who participated in filling the US wish list!  Jr brought back many things that will help ministry here and make life nicer.  Thank you for the tools, the video projector, baby clothes, utensils, medical supplies, etc.

There are other items which were not on the list because of size, but are needed.  We can purchase these items in Manaus.  Email me if you are interested in donating for these things. 

Check out our new website, there is a link below.

Do all things for the Glory of He who made you, and for He who has given you new life!

Brad and Melissa Miller, Jr, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica, and Benjamin

                                                 Brazil Mission


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