Brazil Update December 2012

Back to Brasil. Explosion in Ministry!
We would like to thank everyone who made the U.S. trip a success. Melissa
and the children are also very grateful to have me back safely. Thank you for
your donated gifts, everyone enjoyed opening the “tubs” you sent back with me.
Although Christmas is soon upon us, and some of the items in the “tubs” were
wrapped presents, which must wait to be opened, the rest of the items were
like having an early Christmas in November! Thank you from deep down in our
hearts, Brad, Melissa, Jr, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica, and Benjamin!
I was back in Brasil for 4 days and I shared the Gospel with a man at the
Policia Federal who had never heard of the hope we have through Jesus Christ,
and A few days later, I talked with four young people who struggle with drug
dealing and prostitution about turning their lives over to Christ!
Read the Story ( )We would like to tell you about Igreja Batista em Dom Pedro. We attend this
Church in Manaus. It is a very loving and unified Church family. You can learn
more about the Church we attend by clicking this link, or by copying it into
your browser window.  ( to Help more with the ministry here in Manaus?
Click here. ( saw a building yesterday that was made out of brick on the front and for about
3 feet along each side, but the rest of the house was made from decrepit wood.
Truly, it was not what it seemed to be from the front. Interesting building design,
wouldn’t you say? It looks very strong from the front! Sometimes we are like
this too, we look strong on the outside, but inside, we are on the verge of
collapse. This is common, and there is no reason to keep it inside any longer.
Are you struggling right now? Please let us know how we can pray for you!We would like to thank everyone who has partnered with us in this endeavor for
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We have been here now for 18 months. My,
how the time has passed! There has been many months where we did not know
where the next resource would come from in order to survive, but our Lord has
always been on time and supplied our every need.
Ministry is starting to take off as we are now speaking conversationally, and
God is faithful to lead us to the works He prepared for us before the foundations
of the world.(Eph 2:10)
We have been given a grand opportunity to buy the mission base we live on.
We would like to start a mission base fund and have special donations solely
for this purpose. The base includes two large houses, and a large area for
meetings, with a large yard for gatherings. Mission Base $100,000
We also are in need of a new vehicle for ministry. We are looking at a minivan
that will hold 9 people plus cargo. This would be used for hauling groups and
material for outreaches. Minivan $23,000
Both amounts are in U.S. Dollars.
We have several trips lined up over the next 6 months. Some to the Apurina,
some to the other tribes, and some to a new area out by the Columbia/Brazil
border to an unreached group.
Please consider supporting this ministry. Your generous gifts of any amount are
needed and appreciated. When you partner with us, you are effectively reaching
the people of the Amazon River Basin.
And lastly, think about making a trip to visit this mission. Come and see the
things that God is doing here. Experience the Amazon Jungle first hand, and
share the Gospel with someone who has never heard of Jesus before!
God bless you!
Brad and Melissa

For a Tax Deductable Donation–Click on the above link “Become A Financial Partner” or Send Checks to:
Saving Grace World Missions
17451 Bastanchury Rd.
Suite 203
Yorba Linda Ca. 92886

Write in the memo line – “Miller”
In Brasil:
Banco Do Brasil
Agencia: 4219-6
Contra Corrente: 29.628-7
Our Address:

Brad and Melissa Miller
Rua Jeronimo De Albuquerque #126
Dom Pedro
Manaus, Am 69040-470

Call us at 1-785-440-1777

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