August 2012 Update

Greetings in Christ,
The work is before us!  What will we do?
Termites, Cockroaches, flying things, mosquitoes, millipedes, iguanas, and every type of ant and spider you can think of.  We have giant bats, cats, and rats!  We have crocodiles and snakes………..perhaps we are the bait?
This is the most diverse jungle on the face of the planet.  Sometimes it seems that every living creature here could kill us.  Who knows which mosquito has Dengue, or Malaria?  What about swimming in the river? Anacondas, crocodiles, and giant man eating fish!  Haven’t you watched “River Monsters”?  IT IS TRUE!  And you wouldn’t believe the size of some of the ants…..2″ long.  And you should see the things they eat and carry around!
What will we do?  Why are we here?  Why would we risk it all and give up everything in America to come to this place?
Here is why……the people want and need Jesus Christ!
Everywhere we go, people are asking us, “When are you coming back to tell us more?”
We have been here 14 months now.  Our language skills, our understanding of the culture, our network of friends, and our trust in God are all increasing daily!  We understand the scriptures. We know how to be exalted, and we know how to be abased!  Every day we step through open doors, we see the hearts of the people turning towards Christ.
We recently had a young Indian couple stay with us.  They needed to take their 14month old boy to the Tropical Hospital.  We brought them into town and took them to get the treatment they needed.  They stayed in our house and their names are Arimar and Mazarele and their baby’s name is David.  Yes, they became Christians just before the baby was born.  Please pray for them as David just came out of the Hospital last month from malaria.
We go on a weekly outreach to Colonia Antonio Aliexo. We also go on weekly outreaches to various tribes and river communities close to the city.  We make regular trips into the interior to reach the Apurina Tribe.  We are planning a trip deep in, all the way to the dark areas of the Peruvian/Colombian borders.  We also have the ministries of encouragement and edification of the brethren here in Manaus.  We are lights to our neighbors!  Please consider these things in your prayers!
What can you do to help us?  How can you be involved?  We are now ready for groups to visit.  We have a guest house set up and are letting visiting tribal people use it when in town.  We let various short term missionaries use it when they are here.  We would like you to come also and see these things.  Please consider visiting the Amazon Jungle and help us fulfill God’s calling in these ministries.
You can also pray for us.  The spiritual atmosphere here is like the physical landscape….dangerous!  There are more offshoots of various spiritual cults than you can throw stones at.  There are various types of voodoo, animism, and syncretism.  Please pray for us and for all who are involved, those doing the ministering, and those being ministered to.
Please also pray for the following items with us.
1) The various outreaches.
2) The tribes we minister in.
3) Our neighbors.
4) Our own Spiritual readiness and health.
5) Your own trip to visit us.
We thank you for supporting us in word and in deed!  We thank you for being the ones, called by God, for His good pleasure,  and being used by Him to send us here.
Never lose hope, no matter how dark it seems.  God is there.  Don’t look at the circumstances and think….”I need to pull myself up by my own bootstraps”, but in those times, look to our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, and take His hand of lifting!
Don’t forget to visit our website for pictures, our Facebook page for up to the minute updates, or become friends on skype, and talk with us.  Feel free to send us postcards or letters.
Your friends Serving In the Amazon Jungle,
Brad and Melissa Miller, Jr, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica, and Benjamin
                                                 Brazil Mission
Skype Name:  bradlio2


Our Adress in Manaus:

Rua Jeronimo De Alberquerque #126
Dom Pedro I
Manaus, Am 69040-470

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