Upcoming Events January 2021

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Please pray with us for the next 3 months of ministry and commitments.  Here is a list of prayer requests.

1. Our return to the Villages March 2nd, 2021.  This trip will be for 3 weeks.  Brad and Josiah go up first, and then Melissa, Veronica and Benjamin go up 2 weeks later.

2). For our daughter Andrea who stays in the mission base while we are in the jungle. Please pray that the Lord would draw close to her.

3). Future relationships and possible partners in ministry as we seek the Lord to send more help into His fields.  We would like to expand and build a second base in one of the new villages.  We need people who are like minded to do the ministry there.

4). Repair and reformations to the mission base.  We started reforming the kitchen area after finding a dangerous ceiling/roof situation.  This will continue for several weeks.

5)  Homeschooling here in Manaus and there in the Jungle when the whole family travels.

6)  Our family, Brad, Melissa, Jr and his family, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica and Benjamin

God be with you all as we all anxiously await His return,
Brad and Melissa and family.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events January 2021

  1. Hello Brad,
    Nice talking with you this morning via Skype. Question? Your item 4) mentions fellow shipping…. where are you shipping them to? Ha! GBY, SteveO

  2. Ooh you caught me looking at my e-mail to see what God is doing through you. It so awesome to hear what is happening in your life. I just came home from a banquet my church was putting on for seedcareministries.org where a team went last year and is going again in March to the Philippines. What I would like to know is what i was giving you last year is that enough or what I would like to keep to Canadian dollars as it is easier for me to do my books and you don’t have to exchange the money twice. I’ll get back to you tomorrow as it is late 12:08 am.

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