Upcoming Events June 2018

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Please pray with us for the next 2 months of ministry and commitments.  Here is a list of prayer requests.

1) Our family as we travel to and from the village.  May July 17-.Aug 8th.
2) The Wordless Ministries group from July 6-16th. Brad and Josiah will help with this evangelic trip.
3) Men and Women leadership in the villages. Children’s ministries, Women’s ministries.
4) The construction of our house in Aldeia Nova.  Would you like to help with this?
5) Please pray for our homeschool classes, our children, and us.  Those who homeschool will know what kind of prayers are needed.
6) For Jr, our eldest son, and Ashley’s and their new baby girl Charlotte, and their pregnancy.

7) For Andrea, our eldest daughter.

God be with you all as we all anxiously await His return,
Brad and Melissa and family.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events June 2018

  1. Hello Brad,
    Nice talking with you this morning via Skype. Question? Your item 4) mentions fellow shipping…. where are you shipping them to? Ha! GBY, SteveO

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