Lars, The Man From The Policia Federal

Four days after returning to Manaus, while visiting the Policia Federal building to turn in our documentation for Permanent Residency, I met Lars and his family, who were from Denmark.

He was in Manaus for business.  He asked me what we were doing in Manaus.  I told him, “We are missionaries.”

Lars,“What does a missionary do?”
Me, “Our #1 Goal is to share the Gospel with people who have never heard before.”
Lars, “The Gospel?   You mean the music?”
Me, “No, not the music.  The Gospel is the good news about Jesus, the Son of God, who came here and died on the cross for our sins.”
Lars, “Could you tell me more about this?”
Me, “YES!  Do you believe there is a God?”
Lars shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe, yes, I do.  I just don’t know what he does.”
Me, “Well, the Bible tells us about Him.”

And then I spent the next 20 minutes explaining the what the good news was.  He said he needed to think about that, and then left with his family.  Please pray for Lars and his family.

Then, the following Saturday, I was at the outreach we do every week for Christ for the City.  At the end of the 13-14 year old class, I spoke to the kids about the need for repentance, and how all of the Angels stop what they are doing when one sinner repents.  I asked them if they thought Angels were doing an important job.  Then I asked them if Angels had time to stop working?  Then I explained to them that as far as God was concerned, when one person repents, it was more important for all of the Angels to stop working, and to start praising and singing to the Lord!  4 of the 13 kids stayed after class to talk with me more.  There were two girls and two boys.  One of the girls was involved with prostitution and the other girl was involved with dealing drugs for someone.

I talked with them about their standing before God.  One of them stayed after to pray with me.  Praise the LORD!


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