Weekly Scripture Thoughts, May 12, 2012

Proverbs 20:12 Ears that hear and eyes that see— the LORD has made them both.(NIV version)
Couple this verse with Deut 29:4, Matt11, Matt13, and others.

I remember Jesus telling his disciples in Matt 13:11 that the reason he was speaking in parables was so that those who could hear would, and those who could not hear would not. This was always a mystery to me, and I have falsely thought in the past that I was responsible to not only listen to him, but to also understand, so that I could hear and understand. This would work out pretty good when I would try to explain to someone why they don’t hear God or why they don’t understand. It was their fault!, or, if I did not understand, it was mine! I just needed to do something to increase my understanding, maybe a new self-help book, like “5 Sure fire steps to understanding God”, or maybe I needed to dig down and find that sin that is keeping me from drawing closer to God.  Work, work, work…….

When I read this scripture the other morning, I received great comfort in realizing that it had nothing to do with my abilities to muster up the understanding, but was completely and totally dependent upon God. What a relief.

So, when I hear, it is because He wants me to hear, and when I understand, it is because he gives me the understanding. When I see him working, it is because he opens my eyes!
I do not need to fret over the times that I don’t fully understand anymore, because, when it is time for me to understand, He will give me the understanding. The same is true for you. He is trustworthy! Pray for open ears and better understanding! Ask him to open your eyes so that you can see with his eyes. and when you do see, and when you do hear, and when you do understand, never forget to praise him for his faithfulness.  James1:5


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