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prayercard_miller2016This site highlights the ministry we do in the Amazon Jungle.  It also shows various ministry opportunities which are available for those who feel called to help with reaching the lost for Christ! Jesus said, “behold, I say unto you , Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” John 4:35 We have been called by God to the Great Harvest happening here in Brazil.  Click on one of the tabs above to see slideshows and brief descriptions of our ministries.  Click on one of the recent posts to the right to be encouraged out of Scripture in a devotional method. Our current schedule is located on the tab “Upcoming Events”. Click on the “ministries” tab and help us pray for the various people we minister to.

Quick Update: June 1, 2017

We are officially into the “dry season” here in the Amazon Rain Forest.  Sounds weird, huh?  Dry?

Yes, it is dry……er  here in Manaus.  In fact, it will slowly stop raining and will altogether quit by the end of June.  Then we  won’t see any rain again (except for sporadic small sprinkles) until mid September.  And when it get’s dry here, whew!  The heat comes on!

That said, let me tell you what God has been doing through us the last couple of months.

I, Brad, just returned from another extremely fruitful 17 day trip into the Indian village.  The day I arrived in the village, I quickly unpacked and then repacked again into a smaller bag and went on up river 14 hrs with Chief Makao, Oscar and Analucia, Oscar’s brother Valcidis, and sister Nilza, and Analucia’s mother Raimunda.

We were heading back to the village we went to two years ago where the Chief and his son repented from their idols and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. On that trip, the Chief had not let us talk with the whole village, but just his immediate family, but on this trip, at his request, we were coming in to teach a Bible conference to the whole village, with 4 other villages invited.

This is the “quick” update, so I will stop here.  To know more, click on the tab above, “Latest Update” or to see pictures, the “Ministries” tab and then “Apurina”.

We returned to our village after three days and continued with our normal teaching style of leadership studies every day of the week from 8-11am and nightly Genesis studies, with a movie night on Saturday and two Sunday services.  I stayed for two weeks and returned at the end of May. On movie night, we watched “The Jesus Film” dubbed in the Apurina Language.

Upon returning to Manaus, I started preparing for a wedding ceremony I would officiate between an American man from California and a Brazilian woman from Belem, a city down river from us.  The man was from one of the Calvary Chapel churches in Southern California and so we had a common connection. We had the ceremony last Saturday, May 27th.

The work in Jardim Tropical is continuing to be a huge blessing! We have opened a new support page for them through  We are trying to raise support to build a church building and get the outreaches we do and their services up out of the dirt and mud.  To donate specifically to this ministry, click here:

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God bless you all,
Thank you for your prayers,
Brad and Melissa, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica and Benjamin



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Saving Grace World Missions
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Banco Do Brasil
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Brad and Melissa Miller
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Dom Pedro
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5 thoughts on “Greetings in Christ

  1. Dear Friends whom we have not met, Do you know our son, Douglas Caudill, and his family? They are heading for Brazil right now and are hoping to be there for 6 months. Their heart is to eventually be able to minister the gospel in the Amazon jungles. Billy and Carol Caudill

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